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About INSD

International School Of Design (INSD) is one of the leading institutes in India. The idea of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical world of design is what INSD works towards.

INSD offers a range of courses such as Graphics, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewellery Design, Fashion Styling and Animation etc. Our courses are designed to help students understand the dynamics of design and its impact on society. 

The foundation of our design institute started with an ideology to contribute significantly to the design education system in India. Our curriculum is designed by industry experts and we focus on providing a conducive environment to showcase the extraordinary talent, passion and creativity of the new generation of designers.

Quality education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies. At INSD, we believe in providing comprehensive knowledge, skills and environment that helps the students flourish in their respective fields and not just evolve as designers but also as human beings by working on their communication skills, body language and personality development. A good quality education has been defined by multiple scholars as one that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to function in society as well-informed citizens and skilled workers.

Furthermore, it is important for students to learn how to think critically about their work and be able to analyze it from different perspectives.The goal of education should not just be about passing tests or getting good grades; instead it should be about learning how to think creatively and critically so that students can become successful adults in their chosen careers. INSD has had a rewarding journey so far. The brand has collaborated with The India Runway Week as their educational partner in September 2015 which sets new milestones for budding designers and helps them emerge as technically competent professionals in this era.

Take your first step towards achieving your dreams. Your future belongs here. We are extremely proud of the staff at INSD, as each one is exceptionally skilled in their own field and come with a wealth of experience, to bring out the best in our students by working individually with them and understanding each student is unique in their own ways. 


INSD one of the leading institutes for fashion in India, the Ahmedabad branch itself is a boon for the students as its popularity holds in the textile industry. The textile museum is a place for every fashion,textile or stylist to get inspired by. Being nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad city the students can enjoy the law garden which not only displays a variety of street food but also stalls selling handicrafts, and traditional jewellery. From lakes to scrumptious street food and the preservation of culture and history through textile,jewellery and museums Ahmedabad is a place for designers who want to create products by using Indian craftsmanship. The city enjoys a thriving cultural tradition, being the center of Gujarati cultural activities and diverse traditions of different ethnic and religious communities which gives students the ability to develop different perspectives and stop looking at the design industry from a horse’s vision.   

The Ahmedabad campus provides students with exposure to several workshops, guest lectures and also visits to different markets of Gujarat and other places around India as per the respective design fields. We provide several international study tours which are stepping stones for students coming from each field of Design, to explore their talents, strengths and weaknesses along with meeting people from different parts of the world and experiencing a lifestyle like never before. Fashion Shows & Events as a part of the curriculum is to organize and partner with industry events and shows. From Fashion Weeks in India to London, Design Exhibition and Design solutions in advertising and entertainment industry, INSDians have a platform to display their work in front of a wider audience and gain key insights from the industry experts. 

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University Life

International School Of Design, works towards all the aspects of a students life from personality development to enhancing their problem-solving skills and working on the creative design aspects of their chosen fields. A university education is not just about learning facts and figures – it’s about learning how to think critically and creatively, while also being an ethical citizen in the world. INSD provides experiences like exhibition displays, industrial and market visits,participation in fashion shows,indoor/outdoor photoshoots, a variety of webinars and workshops with industry specialists. University life at INSD is student focused and helps them thrive in their respective fields by opening up doors of opportunities.

  • To educate in a manner where it bridges the gap between the industry and the freshers 
  • Staying up to date with the constant change in every design industry and applying the knowledge in the syllabus for the young generation 
  • Concentrating on overall development of the students by working on personality development, interview skills etc 
  • All students get exposed to new trends and technology so no loopholes are left between the practical and theoretical world of design 

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